Choose the right mask

Cloth Mask

Helps protect others from you,  especially if you are infected but do not have any  symptoms or indicators.

Not fluid resistant


Provides low-level of filtration and help the user keep hands off the face.

Leakage occurs throughout the cloth.

Wash after each use. 

3 Ply Mask

Protects from large droplets and other bodily fluids. Protects others from the wearer’s respiratory emissions.

Fluid resistant


Provides moderate-level of filtration and has a middle high density filter layer.

Leakage occurs around the edges of mask when user inhales. 

Discard after each use.

KN95 Respirator

Reduces wearer’s exposure to airborne particles including small particle aerosols and larger fluid droplets.

Fluid resistant


Provides high-level of filtration and filters out at least  95% of airborne particles.

When fitted properly, minimal leakage happens around the edges.

Discard after each use.