KN95 Respirators

KN95/N95 Respirators

V-Guard’s KN95/N95 Respirators, with a filtration capacity of 95%, are made of a fine mesh of non-woven polypropylene fabric with different layers of unique hydrophobic and hydrophilic properties. The inner layer made by a unique melt blowing technique filters out viruses, bacteria, and other hazardous particles.

Material Composition

Intended Usage

Standards and Specifications

Parameter Medical KN95 (GB 19083-2010)Commercial KN95 (GB2626-2006)
Labelling information on RespiratorNumber and year of publication of standard and type and grade of Filter elements (i.e. KN 95)
Nasal SplintsMust be adjustableN/A
Mask HarnessNo less than 10 Newtons(1Kg) per strapN/A
Ear Loops are allowedN/A
FitThe mask shall be designed as to provide a good fit and overall fit factor of the mask shall not be less than 100The disposable facepiece structure shall ensure the tight fitting with face and be free from deformation during the service life
Filter Performance (must be >=X% efficient)>= 95%>= 95%
Test AgentSodium Chloride (Nacl) ParticlesSodium Chloride (Nacl) Particles
Flow Rate85L/min85L/min
Inhalation Resistance<=343.2Pa<=350Pa
Flow Rate85L/min85L/min
Exhalation ResistanceN/A<=250Pa
Flow RateN/A85L/min
Synthetic Blood Penetration2ml of synthetic blood sprayed on the mask at 10.7KPa and no penetration shall occur on inner side of maskN/A
Surface wetting resistanceOutside surface spray rating shall not be less than specified in Grade 3 of GB/T47-45-1997N/A
Microorganism Index (Bioburden)Total Bacteria count<=200CFU/gN/A
Total Fungus colony count <=100CFU/g
Coliform Bacteria: Not Detectable
Pseudomonas Areginosa: Not detectable
Staphylococcus aureus: Not Detectable
Hemolytic streptococcus: Not detectable
Biological Filtration EfficiencyN/AN/A
TIL (Total Inward resistance)N/ATIL of at least 46 actions of 50 actions in all, in the case of each action as the evaluation basis (namely 10 testees*5 actions
Total TIL 8 testees of 10 testees in all, in the case of at total TIL of each testees as the evaluation basis KN 95< 8%
Exhalation Valve leakage requirementN/ADepressurization to 0Pa>=20 sec
Force AppliedN/A1180Pa
CO2 clearanceN/A<=1%

Standards and Specifications

We have successfully met the challenge of the strictest quality compliance providing the user an edge in safety.

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