About Us

V-Guard is brand managed by RS Metals and Minerals Inc. and specializes in manufacturing medical grade masks


To make V-Guard the global market leader and distributor of Canadian produced PPE masks and other necessary equipment promising quality and safety to its users in the next five years.

RS Metals and Minerals Inc.

RS Metals and Minerals Inc., founded by Sugavanam Rajaram, has decade-old experience in project management, consultancy, and trading services to many steel-based manufacturing plants and companies across Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, and North America. V-Guard is the brand managed by RS Metals and Minerals Inc. and is into the manufacturing of medical-grade masks and respirators.


To protect Canadians and the world at large from various deadly viruses by manufacturing the best-in-class N95 and 3PLY masks in Canada and distribute to the world.

Our Leadership

Sugavanam Rajaram

Sugavanam Rajaram, fondly known as Sugi comes with 37 years of experience in the steel industry. He started his career as an Engineer in Metallurgy. Since then, he has worked in almost all kinds of roles in steel manufacturing at various steel rolling mills globally. He was internationally trained in Nucor Steel, Utah.

Sugi moved to Canada and has been living in Mississauga, Ontario, for over 15 years. With Covid-19 witnessing over 100,000 deaths since 2019, he realized the need and importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Canada relied majorly on imports of face masks and respirators. With demand crossing over 1.8 billion units of PPE masks and supply at 0.3 billion, Sugi understood the dire need for local manufacturing. Under the initiative of Make in Canada, encouraged by the government of Canada, Sugi started V-Guard to manufacture 3 ply masks and KN95 respirators. He believes that he owes to Canada and its people, and he would like to give back to the country that welcomed him warmly two decades ago.

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